Setting up the Scientific Committee for World TA Conference 2020 – Invitation to Volunteer

We invite you to submit yourself as a volunteer to evaluate presenter proposals – we want to ensure that we avoid any unconscious prejudice that may occur if we ask people we know - in the same way that employers are always cautioned not to recruit only from candidates recommended by existing employees.

Modern technology allows us to reach out and create a truly international Scientific Committee for this conference – evaluations of presenter proposals will be done online using a software system called Proposalspace and interactive online meetings will be held using Zoom.

We are inviting presenters to submit their proposals as soon as possible and warning them that the closing date will be set as we get close to having enough successful proposals. This will allow us to begin evaluating proposals as soon as they start coming in, rather than having to do it all in a hurry after the closing date. This means that the work of the Scientific Committee will begin as soon as proposals start arriving, although it may still reach a peak around December and January, with maybe some additional activity after that if we have to make difficult choices because we have too many good proposals (we are optimists!).

It does not matter if you plan to be presenting yourself – we are treating the presenter proposals and the scientific committee volunteering as separate processes – and we will of course make sure that you are not asked to evaluate your own presenter proposal 😉 – or those of your own students if you are a trainer.

It does not matter either about your TA status. We will of course be making sure that we have enough P/TSTAs on the Scientific Committee to ensure that the proposals selected are theoretically, ethically and professionally acceptable from a TA perspective but we also value the views of TA students about that, and also whether proposals are likely to reflect the current interests of many participants.  (By student, we mean anyone who has spent at least a couple of years on a TA program being run by a P/TSTA or CTATS.)

So – if you are willing to volunteer, please fill in the application form below.  As for the call for presenters, we are not setting a closing date in advance – we will begin choosing Scientific Committee members as soon as we receive applications and will announce a final closing date for this when we think we have almost enough volunteers. 

Julie Hay                                                           Lynda Tongue
Chairperson Organising Committee              Chairperson Scientific Committee