Call for Presenters

Call for Proposals for the Conference Workshops and Keynotes, the TA 101, the Post-Conference Workshops

The theme of the conference - Expanding the TA Map – Sharing Learning Across Our Fields - was chosen to allow the widest possible range of presentation topics – if it is about TA, then it stands every chance of being included in the programme.  We invite all potential presenters to follow their passion and help us to create an innovative and inspiring conference that will significantly expand the TA map.

We are using the presenter proposal process to consider the associated events as well as the conference sessions. You will see, therefore, that you will have the option to indicate whether you wish to be considered as a conference presenter only, and/or as a keynote speaker, and/or as a potential presenter for the TA 101 that will be run on 14-15 July, and/or as a potential presenter for one of the Post-Conference Workshops (Institutes) that will be run after the conference on 19 July.

Please click here to access the system we are using to receive proposals. Your proposal will go anonymously for review to members of the Scientific Committee, and we will let you know the results as soon as we can.

Please note that we will be issuing a Presenter Contract which will include:

  • that presenters book and pay to attend the full conference as delegates (with appropriate discounts if you are in an economically disadvantaged area of the world and your income is no more than average)
  • that presenters agree that, subject to the consent also of their participants, and subject to the presenter retaining the intellectual property of the material and the material being suitable for access by others, their sessions may be live streamed or recorded (audio or video) and that such recordings may be disseminated by the organisers including as a source of conference income
  • guidelines on how to present your materials (handouts, powerpoints, etc) in ways that take into account people with different visual needs, and how to present yourself in ways that take into account different auditory needs and potential use of interpreters
  • an option to submit a handout for inclusion in the Conference pack for delegates, and/or a more significant paper for subsequent publication (subject to review) in the
  • Transactional Analysis Journal( or
  • the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice
  • (

Closing Date: please submit as soon as you can – rather than the common procedure of announcing a closing date and  getting most of the proposals around the same time causing a heavy short-term workload for the Scientific Committee, we are planning to evaluate proposals as they are received and to announce the closing date as soon as we get close to having accepted enough presenter proposals.