The language of the conference will be English. However, we have budgeted to provide some free conference places for interpreters - although they will still have to pay their travel and accommodation costs.  We will be giving priority to interpreters who are coming with a group of people.

We have prepared a simple form so that we can collect the details of potential interpreters and of how many people they will act as interpreter for. We will be allocating the free places so that we cover as many people as possible.  Please click here to fill it in and then email it to us. We will do our best to let you know whether you have been allocated one of the free places as soon as we can.  

Please note that if an interpreter is coming to work with only an individual or a small group of people, we will not be able to allocate a free place until we are sure that there are no larger groups making the request.

If someone has booked to attend the conference and we are unable to provide a free place for the interpreter they hoped to bring with them, we will provide them with a full refund if necessary.