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Sorry – the early bird bookings have now all been sold. But the full price for the conference is a very realistic £355 and many of you will get significant discounts (from 5% to 95%) under the TAlent, the scheme operated by ITAA and EATA where we compare the purchasing potential in your country with that within the UK.  Click here to see the discount for your own country.

£355 is for the complete conference. It will pay for 3 days attendance plus refreshments morning and afternoon and a buffet lunch. We will be announcing later about the Gala Dinner on the Friday night, which will be charged at cost only. We will also announce some exciting plans for what will happen on the Thursday evening – again to be charged at cost only - or maybe free if we find a sponsor.

If you book now, you will only be asked to pay a 25% deposit, with the rest of the fee due by the end of February 2020.

This is a no risk offer – in the unlikely event that you are disappointed when we send you the conference programme and you decide that you no longer wish to attend, you will be able to cancel and we will give you a full refund. We will give you 4 weeks after the issue of the programme to make your decision.

There will also be a TA 101 running on 14/15 July and the choice of 4 Post Conference workshops on 19 July. We are still choosing the presenters for these and they will be publicised separately in due course – but please make a note of the dates if you are likely to want to attend. 

Once we have your booking, we will send you advance notification as soon as the other activities have been confirmed so that you can easily book and pay for your choices - before they fill up.

Note about the TAlent: if you claim this, all we ask is that you confirm that you do not earn more than the average income for your country. Those of you in countries with the same purchasing power as the UK such as North America, most of Western Europe, Australasia, Japan, and so on - please note that by paying the full fee you will be helping to provide the discounts for your TA colleagues in other countries.)

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