World Transactional Analysis Conference
16-18 July 2020, Birmingham UK

​Expanding the TA Map - Sharing Learning Across Our Fields

Places are filling fast – so book now and pay only 25% deposit. Guaranteed refund if you don’t like the programme when it’s issued or if you can’t get a visa when the time comes even though you meet the requirements. 

And if you live in an economically-disadvantaged area of the world, you can get a TAlent discount ranging from 5 to 95%.  Click here to see the discounts, which are based on the relative purchasing power in countries compared to that of the UK. If you cannot see your own country on the list, please contact us. 

Note: we have realised that there were some delays in getting information out, and at the same time the conference was so popular that the early-bird bookings sold out very quickly.  Our apologies if you missed out. We hope that the loss of the early bird 10-20% discount will not stop you coming – if the fee is that critical for you, please contact us and we will see what we can do. 

Please note that the early bird and the TAlent discounts are not added together.  For example, if you get 70% TAlent discount, the early bird discount applies only to the 30% you are required to pay. 

If you live in a country where the TAlent does not apply, please know that you paying the full price is what enables others to have discounts.

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Join us in this great opportunity as we bring together our wide international membership of the TA community, across all four fields of TA, including all TA approaches, from our foundations to today, to form vibrant and connected environment in which we can all showcase, explore and celebrate our diversity as well as our shared values. Let’s get together to link our ‘maps of the world’, and extend them as we share experiences and learning to construct a new, richer map for us all.

The Conference Theme

The theme of the conference was chosen to allow the widest possible range of presentation topics – if it is about TA, then it stands every chance of being included in the programme. Although we often think of there being only the four fields of application that are the basis for our international exams, there are many other ways in which TA can be used and which do not always fit neatly under those four headings. For example, a common theme within TA over the years has been social action.  Many years ago, before the different fields existed, a candidate attained CTA in Architecture. The themes currently for (some non-TA) conferences include climate change anxiety (or would we say climate change discounting – and is this another interpretation of field compared to forest!) and equality in its various forms – #MeToo, ‘fat cats’ and the exponential shift in income levels, and of course Brexit!  So many areas where TA can contribute.  We invite all potential presenters to follow their passion and help us to create an innovative and inspiring conference that will significantly expand the TA map - and all potential delegates to enjoy the process of learning across a rich range of ways to use TA.

Social ecology is about the interdependence of people, collectives and institutions, and the relationships between people and their environment. This underlies the way in which this conference is being organised.  Below you will see how we are paying attention to make sure that the conference is accessible to those with any special needs. We are also applying the TAlent - the way in which we recognise the different economic circumstances within the world – by taking into account the relative purchasing powers of each country and providing delegates with appropriate discounts. We are doing our best to juggle with the contradictory issues related to climate change – it is impossible to run a world TA conference without the impact of travel on the environment but we will be minimising the use of resource-hungry materials in the conference packs – and trusting that the conference will enhance the awareness of social ecology in all of us, with a correspondingly positive impact on our clients.

The Conference Venue

We were asked to find a venue that could hold up to 1000 delegates – and we are delighted to be able to say that the conference will be run at the Metropole hotel in Birmingham – where we can run plenary sessions, have coffee breaks and lunches, and the Gala Dinner, in rooms that are large enough for us all to be together. Plus of course they have plenty of breakout rooms so we can run several parallel sessions.

We have also reserved an allocation of bedrooms, at a considerably reduced rate, for those who would like to stay in the same place – and we have found an excellent agency that will help with travel arrangements as well as sourcing alternative bedroom accommodation for those who prefer to stay elsewhere.

Why are we asking about disabilities and allergies

We want to make this conference as accessible as possible to everyone.  Therefore, we want to know about any needs that people have and we will do all we can to meet them.

We will be liaising with the Metropole to ensure that any dietary requirements and/or allergies that you tell us about will be taken into account when meals are being prepared. We are asking for individual notification of these so that we can ensure that they are taken into account during food preparation as well as in the choice of menu items. Please notify us on your registration form if you need to see detailed lists of ingredients for the meals you will have.

We have already rejected the use of some breakout rooms at the hotel which were accessible only by stairs - everywhere we are using for the conference will be fully accessible by wheelchair.  The Metropole has wheelchair accessible toilets and also bedrooms if you choose to stay there. There is designated parking near the building and there will also be a Connections Room where participants can sit quietly if they wish. Working dogs are also welcome.  Induction loop is available if required and lifts have Braille indicators. We will be asking presenters to use accessible formats (and will be giving them guidance about how to do this).

We are providing refreshments and buffet lunches each day; these will be wheelchair accessible and chairs will be provided if required – we will ensure that wheelchairs and other chairs are placed within the area and not on the fringes of the group.  The conference pack will contain information about nearby pharmacists, access to medical support, and contact details for volunteers who will be available throughout the hours of the conference.

Potential presenters are being told that we will be issuing a Presenter Contract which will include guidelines on how to present materials (handouts, powerpoints, etc) in ways that take into account people with different visual needs, and how to present in ways that take into account different auditory needs and potential use of interpreters.

Our budget for the conference does not allow us to provide interpreters or personal assistants but we will charge only for their refreshments and lunches at cost. We will also be seeking sponsorship for such costs.

Click here for the list of accessibility options offered by the Metropole.

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​​There will be EATA Exams ​on 
14-15 July 2020

There will be an EATA TEW on 
20-22 July 2020​

TA 101

There will be a TA 101 run on 14-15 July 2020 and 4 Post-Conference Workshops on 19 July 2020 ​– details will be provided as soon as they are available

This is the World TA Conference of EATA, ITAA and FTAA, being run in the UK jointly by UKATA, IARTA and IDTA

European Association of Transactional Analysis

International Transactional Analysis Association

International Association
of Relational Transactional Analysis

Federation of TA Associations

United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis

Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis